Tuesday , May 24 2016
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  • Welcome To Palestine

    Welcome To Palestine

    Welcome To Palestine ...

  • Wadi Gaza

    Wadi Gaza

    Gaza valley, locates at the middle of Gaza Strip. ...

  • Gaza Sandy Dunes

    Gaza Sandy Dunes

    Between Rafa and Gaza east of the coastal ...

  • Wheat harvest

    Wheat harvest

    Wheat harvest in the southern Gaza Strip ...

  • Saint Hilarion Monastery

    Saint Hilarion Monastery

    The site of St. Hilarion Monastery is considered the most important archeological monastery in Pales...

  • Parquk Castle

    Parquk Castle

    This Khan (service) is located in the center of   Khanyunis town, on the coastal road linking Egypt ...

  • The Pasha’s Palace

    The Pasha’s Palace

    Palaces are the most important buildings of  the Islamic architecture due to the methods of construc...

  • Gaza port

    Gaza port

    The Port of Gaza is a port on the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Gaza. ...

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